RBS Retail Price $4,995

Retail Price $3,195

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The PRAGA BABY is the chassis for the youngest drivers. Made entirely of tubes with a diameter of 25 mm. Recommended for children aged 5-8 years.

Derived from the floating and ventilated brakes used on the KZ models, the braking system of the Praga “Baby” has been designed to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety. The safety of Praga products is the key factor when developing new kid kart chassis. The Baby chassis is developed and tested by experienced engineers in order to guarantee safety for our youngest drivers

The top chassis for the Mini-Swift, Mini-ROK and LO206 cadet categories. The high performance chassis for young drivers. Recommended for drivers aged 8-12 years.

The right chassis that makes the difference, and we have different solutions for different diver sizes and motor applications. Derived from the floating and ventilated brakes used on the full-size KZ models, the braking system of the PRAGA MONSTER EVO has been designed to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety.

Retail Price $1,895



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RBS Retail Price $4,995

The Dragon EVO 2 is an all 30mm chassis and is the softest chassis offering. It has been designed primarily for use by light to medium weight drivers in TaG classes (Jr. or Sr.), driver weight 120 lbs. to 180 lbs. in classes from 320 lbs. to 360 lbs. It also makes a good shifter chassis for junior drivers with engines producing 28hp to 32hp. In the U.S. the chassis also works well for LO206 classes.

The advantage to the chassis is that by nature it is loose in corners allowing drivers to maintain a higher rolling speed through tight turns. The negative is that for inexperienced drivers the chassis and is easier to loop when oversteered or understeered.

STR Retail Price $5,895

The TACHO EVO is a 30mm x 32mm chassis and is a medium stiffness chassis offering. It has been designed to accommodate the broadest range of drivers for several engine applications and is the choice for most experienced pro drivers. Works for driver weights from 140 lbs. to 190 lbs. with 4 Cycle (Briggs or Clone), TaG engines or Shifter engines (Jr., Sr. and Masters). This chassis offers the widest range of tuning options with the widest range of track application.

The advantage to this chassis is that it is very adaptable to low grip or tight track conditions as the chassis flexes predictably with changes to the front end, rear end and seat positioning. The negative is that less experienced mechanics may tune improperly and over grip the chassis.



The INVICTUS EVO is considered an all 32mm option. This is the stiffest chassis offering. It has been designed to accommodate heavier drivers with TaG or Shifter engines. Drivers from 180 lbs. to 200+ lbs., in classes where the weight is 380 lbs. and over. This option can also be used as an entry level chassis for lighter TaG and Sifter drivers,

The chassis rigidity offers these drivers a more forgiving corner entry and grip in turns which reduces the chassis flex and limits inner wheel jacking. The negative is that the chassis stays over planted for more experienced drivers and can overly reduce cornering speed.