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IPK Standard and Specialty Parts

Quality replacement parts from IPK available contact us.

*TANDA RACING would like to thank the amazing staff at IPKarting s.r.l. for everything they do for our USA dealers and our customers. 

All of the parts that come with your PRAGA or RS racing chassis are made from the highest quality materials using the latest precision technologies available. But rigorous racing demands will cause those parts to fail over time.

TANDA RACING is your stop to get your parts and keep your kart performing at it's top ability. We carry the current IPK products you need to stay at the top of the pack.


IPK produces multiple axle thicknesses, a wide variety of front and rear hub options as well as other tuning parts. TANDA RACING can also get you specialty magnesium performance replacement parts, carbon fiber parts and many other tuning parts.

For more information, pleasecontact us and we will be happy to talk about your race parts needs.